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  • How do I know if I am right fit as an Advertiser to work on Affiliate marketing?
    If your business (products or services) is available online or can be measured and tracked on a website or app, then you are eligible to run an affiliate marketing campaign, regardless of your industry and region.
  • My business is not online yet, how can I start with Platformance?
    We'll evaluate your business and propose a digital and measurement framework, please reach out to one of our representative.
  • What are the advantages of this type of marketing versus others?
    Because affiliate marketing only pays out commissions on sales, there is minimal risk that promotions will not generate ROI. It also exposes your product to new audiences, while tapping into the different skills of your publishers. Budgets are easy to manage and maintain due to the visibility and transparency the channel offers. If you use an affiliate network, managing your program is straightforward, including dealing with returns and customer service.
  • How can affiliate marketing help my business?
    Affiliate marketing can help you grow your business in the following ways: It gives you access to professional marketers (affiliates/publishers) It drives incremental business value for your business It’s cost-effective and you only pay when you get a conversion or business value
  • Is there any budget commitment?
    There is no budget commitment. However, we recommend running an Always-On Campaign with a reasonable budget as it allows our platform with machine learning optimization and long-term growth.
  • Which affiliate platform is the best and most legitimate
    There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to affiliate marketing. Different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses and cater to different audiences. It is important to do extensive research and consider factors such as commission rates, ease of tracking and payment, support, user reviews, and more before deciding which platform is the best fit for your business. Platformance provides bespoke solutions that caters to your businesses and tech reequipments. we are compatible with all major tracking tools and can be integrated with your source of truth
  • How can I start with affiliate marketing?
    Are you wondering how an advertiser or agency can get started in affiliate marketing? Below are the steps to get started: The first step is to find an appropriate platform like that provides access to thousands of potential affiliates. Once the platform is selected, the advertiser must then create an account and set up their affiliate program. This includes determining what type of commission structure they want to use, such as cost-per-action (CPA), pay-per-click (PPC), or revenue sharing. The advertiser must also provide detailed information about their products/services so that affiliates can better understand what they are promoting. Reach out to one of representative at platformance and enjoy the managed Affiliate service -
  • Why is affiliate marketing booming in 2023?
    Affiliate marketing has become a booming industry in 2023. With more and more brands taking advantage of the cost-effective way to promote products and services, it is guaranteed way to acquire new customers with cost efficiency. Additionally, it allows to track sales using unique tracking links and optimize campaigns in real time for better performance.
  • Is affiliate marketing dead?
    The answer to this question is no. Despite the emergence of newer forms of digital marketing in the Middle east, affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase sales. This makes it an attractive option for the parties involved and has allowed it to remain as popular as ever among marketers and businesses alike.
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