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Data-driven optimization across publishers resulted in 25% uplift

Platformance represents more than 500 publishers which is one of the USPs but it can also create challenges when it comes to optimization. With a broad range of publisher types, each offering reaches into a unique community of customers, with different purchase intentions and behaviors, how can advertisers analyze and track incrementality across multiple partners?

Platformance tracks up to 150 data signals as part of machine learning algorithms. using this data, we’re able to create and implement specific optimization strategies surrounding the ideal publisher and placements.

Client - A global travel partner wanted more insight on the type of customer-driven through the affiliate channel. Campaign optimization, led by the insight gained from tracking data signals, resulted in a 25% uplift in revenue.


Deep dive into cross-channel reach & universal frequency to reach the most relevant & potential target audience via affiliate marketing methods.

This insight shifted the efforts of the campaign to focus on specific publisher types which drive more revenue at a cheaper cost, resulting in higher ROI

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